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Who is This For?

Well, It Starts With Our Company Mantra “The Time Is Now”


“The time is now”

Time is the one thing that no one has to spare.

Our philosophy is quite simple…Why spend time doing the mind-numbing mundane tasks in your business that often
prove to be unsuccessful, when you could spend that time with your family, your friends, or doing something worthwhile?

The Time Is Now – So Spend That Time Wisely!

The Voxient™ Suite
Simply Works


Voxient ™ takes the tasks that would take you hours, days, or even weeks to complete and does them for you in a matter of minutes. Data research, data analysis, address lookups, list building, marketing creation, and marketing fulfillment – are now literally done with a few mouse clicks.


If you’re looking to sell a property fast – we have an exclusive database of nationwide cash buyers that are actively buying every day and are simply waiting to be contacted.

If you’re looking to help buyers refinance – our cash buyer database is updated every 14 days with hundreds of thousands of cash buyers that are purchasing property everyday for CASH. They need your help – you simply press a button to market to them.

If you’re looking for listings – we have the nation’s ONE AND ONLY EXCLUSIVE list of Vacant Property Owners (with at least 75% equity). Combine that list with an additional layer of “out of state” ownership and suddenly you have a perfect list of highly motivated individuals that own a property, out of state, with a lot of equity, and no renter. With the push of a button, you’re sending them the perfect marketing piece and your phone is ringing with a seller that needs your help.

If you’re looking for deals to acquire – well, the same list as above with a different “Done for you” marketing piece, brings the sellers to your doorstep.

Vosient Screenshot
Hand Shake

If you’re looking for private money – we have the nation’s ONE AND ONLY EXCLUSIVE list of Private Lenders that is based off of “behavioral” data. Why does that matter and what does that mean? Well, we do all of the heaving lifting a create list each month of every person in the United States that “acted like a bank” and loaned money to an investor on a piece of real estate. We search public records and find the best people that you need to be talking to right now. Again, they’re only a mouse click away.

Voxient bundles ALL of the database products so that the serious investor can get jump start there investing business today. Why wait? Capture all the advantages and power of CASH buyer leads, PRIVATE lender leads, and MOTIVATED seller leads and receive a significant discount in the process.

  • Voxient™ users have instant access to a proprietary technology tool that gives them exclusive access to a nationwide database of CASH BUYERS interested in a variety of investment properties.

  • Users of Voxient have instant access to a proprietary tool that gives them exclusive access to a nationwide database of PRIVATE LENDERS interested in lending on real estate transactions.

  • Owners of Voxient™ will have instant access to a database where they are able to search for free and clear and vacant properties with MOTIVATED SELLERS.

  • Voxient™ buyers are ACTIVE, and the database is updated every 14 days, based on public records nationwide.

Make 1 Annual Payment and
Get 12 Months for the Price of 10!

$297.00/ MO


$497.00/ MO


$997.00/ MO