Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier is the Founder and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide and started the organization in 2005. Kent and his team started buying and selling single-family homes and condominiums in the South Florida market. Along the way, Kent and his partners have created some of the most innovative and revolutionary systems for the real estate industry, pioneering a new age in marketing and lead generation.

Prior to real estate, Kent had a successful career in the grocery distribution industry for 13 years, building the company to over $1.8 Billion in sales by the age of 30.

Using his previous sales and marketing knowledge, Kent quickly figured out that in order to be successful in real estate, a consistent lead flow of buyers and sellers was a must.

Frustrated by the lack of “new and creative” thinking, Kent and his team found unique ways to begin tapping into a previously untouched pool of ACTIVE cash buyers for real estate, a pool of ACTIVE private lenders that were completely hidden, and a nationwide database of vacant properties that were previously unheard of.

Using these data and marketing systems, Kent and his family have become some of the most successful real estate investors in today’s market – buying and selling over 2,500 homes since 2007. The family’s investment company (Memphis Invest) has been one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the United States according to Inc. Magazine for 3 years in a row.

In addition, Real Estate Worldwide (Kent’s Real Estate Coaching and Training company), uses these same marketing systems, tools, and training to the real estate industry and has become the premier real estate educating and training company in the United States.

Real Estate Worldwide’s Voxient™ suite is the Ultimate marketing and lead generation advantage for any serious investor or real estate agent in the market today.

A REAL Solution That Saves You Time &
Makes You More Money

Let’s face it, marketing is a MUST for ANY SUCCESSFUL real estate entrepreneur. However, “marketing” can also be the most cost and time prohibitive aspect of any business when it is now strategic and planned.

Understanding the importance of getting the right message in front of the right audience in a timely manner is the single biggest differentiator from the most ELITE and successful real estate professionals and their less than stellar “competition”.

So, that’s why we do it all for you…it’s Proven, Simple, and Effective.

We’ve researched every property

  • Owner’s phone (in limited cases)
  • Property Specs
  • Property Purchase price
  • Property value
  • Outstanding liens and equity position
  • Commercial or residential
  • Property Vacancy status
  • And much, much more

Voxient Screenshot

We’ve built the easiest
User Interface on the planet

  • Lookup by Module – Cash Buyers, Private Lenders, Motivated Sellers
  • Lookup by City, State, County, or Zip Code
  • Easy map interface shows surrounding property transactions
  • Quickly refine your search
  • Date range
  • Owner location
  • Commercial or Residential
  • High Equity / Vacant / Out Of State / Bank Owned

We have our own “Research & Development Team” to prove the marketing

  • Our investment company operates in Memphis, TN, Houston, TX and Dallas, TX and buys and sells over 600 properties a year
  • We use our own marketing systems and are constantly innovating and improving our systems based on our own marketing experience
  • Using our marketing pieces saves your thousands of dollars an hours in “testing”
  • We only bring you what is working now – it is built in to your system and is automatically updated
Research and Development


Integrated 3rd party direct
mail provider

  • Our partners will actually do the physical mailing for you as well
  • Once your search is complete, in a matter of minutes and all through our state-of-the-art system – your order is created for our 3rd part partner to print your letters and envelopes, stamp them all, stuff them all, and mail them – FOR YOU

You have access to a system and marketing materials created by some of the most successful and active real estate entrepreneurs at your fingertips

  • Voxient’s development team are experts in:
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Positioning
  • Negotiating With Cash Buyers
  • Negotiating With Private Sellers
  • Negotiating With Banks
  • Negotiating With Private Lenders
  • Deal Structure
  • Deal Acquisition
  • Selling Your Property
  • Traditional Wholesaling
  • Reverse Wholesaling
  • Branding
  • Etc, etc
  • And you can use the “Done-for-You” marketing materials and the highly qualified leads resulting from tens of thousands of hours of in-the-field experience, buying and selling 50-60 properties a month in multiple markets, right from the privacy of your own home or office
  • All with M-F, 9am – 9pm email Customer Support

You get all of it without having to invest countless hours in research, development, marketing, and trial and error.


You simply get to “move to the head of the line” and bypass all of the headaches and simply get access to the best systems, tools, and training in the business today.

Press a few buttons, a few mouse clicks, and a few minutes – and all of your marketing for your real estate business is not only taken care of, but it is the BEST marketing in the industry today… completely “done for you.”

Voxient bundles ALL of the database products so that the serious investor can jump start there investing business today. Why wait? Capture all the advantages and power of CASH buyer leads, PRIVATE lender leads, and MOTIVATED seller leads and receive a significant discount in the process.

  • Voxient™ users have instant access to a proprietary technology tool that gives them exclusive access to a nationwide database of CASH BUYERS interested in a variety of investment properties.

  • Users of Voxient have instant access to a proprietary tool that gives them exclusive access to a nationwide database of PRIVATE LENDERS interested in lending on real estate transactions.

  • Owners of Voxient™ will have instant access to a database where they are able to search for free and clear and vacant properties with MOTIVATED SELLERS.

  • Voxient™ buyers are ACTIVE, and the database is updated every 14 days, based on public records nationwide.

Make 1 Annual Payment and
Get 12 Months for the Price of 10!

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